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Updated: April 5th, 2018 by ReeZh Design

Markup: Title With Special Characters

Putting special characters in the title should have no adverse effect on the layout or functionality. Special characters in the post title have been known to cause issues with JavaScript when it is minified, especially in the admin when editing the post itself (ie. issues with metaboxes, media upload, etc.). Latin Character Tests This is…

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Updated: Agustus 25th, 2015 by ReeZh Design

Edge Case: Nested And Mixed Lists

Nested and mixed lists are an interesting beast. It’s a corner case to make sure that Lists within lists do not break the ordered list numbering order Your list styles go deep enough. Ordered – Unordered – Ordered ordered item ordered item unordered unordered ordered item ordered item ordered item ordered item Ordered – Unordered…

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